Tuesday is the day.

High school coaches and players who play football, soccer, volleyball and run cross-country will find out the fate of their season Tuesday.

That’s when the KHSAA will meet for their next Board of Control meeting.

We’ll find out what the fall season looks like for fall sports other than golf.

Golf has already got the go ahead to start on time.

So football, soccer, volleyball and cross-country will find out their fates.

Cross country should be safe as well, but we’ll still find out.

So football is the major announcement.

Virginia came out and said that they’re not having a fall sports season or at least not playing football in the fall. There is a possibility that they may play in the spring.

West Virginia is going to play football this fall, but team’s in that state are pushing back the start of their season to September and only playing a nine game season or eight game for some teams.

Indiana said that they are going to play in the fall.

Ohio hasn’t announced an official plan yet.

So what is Kentucky going to do about football season?

Earlier this month in the last KHSAA Board of Control meeting, commissioner Julian Tackett said that there would be a season.

So what will that look like?

Well, for one, the board could give a go-ahead and start football practices and start the season on time; August 21.

I don’t know if that will happen.

The most likely scenario is that the Kentucky football teams take the first two weeks off and start the first week of September.

That would mean an eight game season for teams in the state.

There has also been talks of a possible six game season and early playoff start or limiting the amount of teams that make the playoffs to two per district instead of four.

Some people have even suggested that the KHSAA could flip softball and baseball to the fall and have those seasons right now and then start football in the spring and have a full 10-game season for football in the spring.

I’m not sure when the start date would be if that happened because basketball season, if there is one, usually goes until the midway point of March.

There is a lot of speculation about football and what the season will look like.

I know local teams don’t want to miss the Pike County Bowl because it is the biggest event of the year for most schools and the missed revenue from the event would be a serious blow to the schools involved.

But if there is a Pike County Bowl, how will it look?

There are still a lot of questions to ask and information to find out.

But hopefully, Tuesday we will see what the fall sports season will look like here locally.

Sports are starting to open back up.

This summer, locally there has been softball and baseball on the Little League, Cal Ripken and Babe Ruth fields.

Today, Major League Baseball returns and next week the NBA restarts their season.

Hopefully, Tuesday we will get some good news and can start anticipating the start of the season and teams can start planning their seasons on the high school level.

Just talking to coaches, the players need it.

Some players have nothing keeping them in school, but sports.

Sometimes the reason they have friends is because of sports.

There are so many benefits of sports in high school and the coaches think it will help their players’ mental health if there is a season.

Tuesday is the day.

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