A Pike man was recently arrested on several charges, including fleeing or evading police, after Kentucky State Police (KSP) Post 9 conducted a traffic stop.

According to an arrest citation written by KSP Trooper Logan Hillerman, he and Trooper Eckart conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle on U.S. Highway 119.

During the stop, Hillerman wrote, he received permission from the driver to search the vehicle.

Upon searching the vehicle, the citation said, Hillerman found a clear baggy containing a dark gray powdery substance in the back of the vehicle on the driver’s side where a man, later identified as Andrew Eastwood, 47, of Pond Creek Road, was sitting.

Hillerman asked Eastwood if he knew what kind of drugs were in the baggy, the citation said, to which Eastwood replied, “no.”

The other passengers, Hillerman wrote, advised Troopers that the drugs belonged to Eastwood.

Upon running Eastood’s name and date of birth through the post, the citation said, it was revealed that he had five active warrants on his person.

When Eckart advised Eastwood of the warrants, according to the citation, Eastwood “took off running over an embankment.”

Eckart and Hillerman chased Eastwood over the embankment, the citation said, where Eastwood then fell into the Tug Fork River.

According to the citation, Eckart and HIllerman “gave loud verbal commands for Mr. Eastwood to come to us.”

However, Hillerman wrote, when Eastwood came to land, he began to run again.

Hillerman, the citation said, then tackled Eastwood and advised him to put his hands behind his back.

However, the citation said, Eastwood refused to comply.

Hillerman then, according to the citation, “gave three strikes to Eastwood’s ribs to gain compliance.”

Hillerman wrote that Eastwood then put his hands behind his back and advised Troopers that he had more drugs in his left sock.

Eastwood was observed to be bleeding from his head, the citation said, and advised Troopers that he had hit his head on a tree when he fell into the river.

After reading Eastwood his Miranda Rights, Hillerman wrote, he was transported to Pikeville Medical Center Emergency Room to check out his injuries.

After receiving medical clearance from the hospital, the citation said, Eastwood was transported to and lodged in the Pike County Detention Center on charges of first-degree possession of a controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia, second-degree fleeing or evading police, menacing and resisting arrest.