Jeff Vanderbeck

We have lost our damn minds. The news media spreads word about a virus that originated in China and now we can’t shake hands to greet people anymore.

In an age of over stimulation of news, and every outlet trying to be first and relevant, we are being bombarded by stories of another person contracting a virus. We see images of health care workers taking patients draped in curtains from a nursing home to an ambulance. We hear stories of another contraction of the virus.

The world is in a panic and big pharma is scrambling trying to find a vaccine, which is ironic in itself, because the anti-vaxxers won’t get vaccinated. All the while the president is being blamed for the spread of the virus and not doing enough to stop it in its tracks. God himself couldn’t stop this virus let alone a mortal; Republican, Democrat or even the Pope.

The CDC and other health officials are putting out reminders of good hygiene so we don’t spread or contract the virus. If it takes an outbreak for health officials to tell people to wash their hands and not cough openly on others then we have lost civility. If health officials have to remind food workers to wash their hands, pull back their hair and to not sneeze on the food, then restaurants need to close.

The CDC recommends people not shake hands, but rather bump elbows. And stay at least six feet away for people. We will soon be a nation of anti-social individuals communicating through a screen.

Since this virus originated in China, people are boycotting Chinese restaurants and not buying items coming from China. But that’s not how it works.

If you think that you can contract the virus buy eating at a Chinese restaurant then you are a fool and you deserve to get sick.  On the other hand if you stop buying products made in China, well it’s about damn time. Buy US products and stir the local economy. Your neighbors and friends will appreciate you; they may even shake your hand.

And for cryin’ out loud, don’t buy masks, hand sanitizer and other panic items. The masks don’t work, alcohol-based hand sanitizers may be effective in fighting germs, but if you use too much, your hands will crack and become an easy entry point for viruses.

This virus is bad there is no doubt, it’s killed some sickly and elderly people, but not at the extent the media is causing panic.  More people died in the Tennessee tornado last week than from the virus. And most people who were infected are recovering.

In a few months when this virus dies down, you should still practice good hygiene and wash your hands and not cough or sneeze on people, unless of course you are a slob , then there is no hope for mankind. If you are still convinced you need to sanitize, Grey Goose or a little Woodford (in moderation) may heal what ails you. While using those types of remedies, you can shake hands, but please get a designated driver or stay home.

Thanks for reading the News-Express.

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