I love when people send me anonymous letters. They all get tossed in the trash. That’s my policy. On very rare occasions, I may respond. Today is rare. 

I received one last week form a gutless creep. This one accuses us of a whole lot of cover-ups and improprieties, all of which are nonsense. The only reason I’m responding is to show the idiocy of the people who don’t have the courage to come forward. Had the writer not accused us of hiding the truth, I would have not responded at all. But I still would have tossed their letter in the trash. I can see the dark circles this creep runs in. They want answers but are too afraid to come forward. 

The letter came under double secret cover not signed by anyone other than a  “Fed up Pike County Taxpayer.” I get it — we are all fed up with the nonsense that has happened. And while the previous Pike County leaders are sitting in their taxpayer-funded houses or lake homes in Tennessee, thinking they got one over on the people of Pike County, they need to be reminded there is new blood in the court house and they should be very concerned. 

This letter accuses a non-elected, private person of owning vehicles that are tagged out-of-state. They included copies of KRS codes stating the law that requires residents living to Kentucky to register their vehicles in the state or it can be considered a Class A misdemeanor or in some cases a Class D felony. All this is considered tax evasion. The creepy writer does make some good points. They say this person makes enough money to pay for their own vehicle to be registered in Kentucky, which may be true if everything is accurate. 

We have been very critical in the past of people who live in this county and have their vehicles tagged in other states to avoid taxes. I have mentioned former airport board members, former county and school officials and chastised private individuals who clearly can afford to pay their taxes but don’t. This county is struggling and people who live here and evade paying their fair share need to be held accountable. Public officials get called out and private citizens only get caught when they get caught. 

The anonymous writer claimed that we are hiding the facts. And they write that our silence calls our ethics into question. That’s rich coming from an anonymous creep. The individual in question is not an elected official and posting pictures of license plates could get us sued. So we are not doing that.

If the writer believes this is criminal activity, they should have the courage to bring their concerns to a law enforcement agency, which we are not. But since they don’t have the courage, I guess the perceived criminal actions will go unnoticed. 

 If you don’t have the courage to come forward, save the stamp and my time. 

Thanks for reading the News-Express.

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