On that fateful day in 2001, brave men and women risked their lives to help perfect strangers while we were attacked on our own soil. People were united and were proud of their country. They tossed religion, skin color and politics aside and comforted each other. What happened since then?

When the terrorists bombed our country, many people died and this nation was stunned. People who were on their way to work were slaughtered. Some jumped to their deaths, some were burned and some died in plane crashes. It was a horrible day.

First responders, firefighters, EMTs and cops of all colors rushed into the burning wreckage, risking their lives to save others. Subsequently, many first responders died not only that day, but in the years to come, as a result of their injuries.

Immediately following that day this country became united. People were helping each other, they were reaching out to their families, they checked on their neighbors and, for a few weeks, people became civilized. As a country, we didn’t know how to handle the incident because it never happened before. Leaders had to make decisions that were difficult and in some cases, not the best ones. Enter social media and every opinion was expressed and the country started going to hell.

Now we are embroiled in a pandemic that we have never faced before. The Spanish Flu that wiped out millions was close, but this time, we have finger-pointing, slanted media and politics that have entered into the mix.

The difference between the Spanish Flu and COVID-19? Media and politics. Both are deadly diseases, both have infected many and both are wrecking life as we know it. Science should prevail, but it’s not. Common sense should prevail, but it’s not. Leadership should prevail, but it cant’ because every time a decision is made, one side of the political aisle pounces and says how stupid that idea is. We have lost civility.

To complicate things, there is an election looming where we have to choose. Do we choose a person who has spurred the economy but is a narcissist with a running mate who is nothing more than the epitome of a, “Yes” man?

Or do we choose a person who has been in office for over 40 years and has done nothing but obtain high-paying jobs for his friends and family from foreign governments with a running mate who was thrust into the limelight not on merit but on ethnicity?

I don’t care who wins the election in November, but this country will burn and people will be forced to take back their freedoms.

Looters and rioters need to get jobs or be thrown in jail. Cities and states need to use force to stop the violence and not allow anarchy, which is taking over the cities. Peaceful demonstrations are not a bad thing. But do that and get back to work.  

The first person who tosses a rock or steals something gets arrested, with force. But now the cops are afraid to enforce the law because every dope with cell phone is taking video out of context and posting on social media. Public crucifixion by ignorant people.

I have yet to hear how any candidate will rebuild the middle class. The middle class is deteriorating and no one has a plan. Show me a candidate who will create jobs, listen to science, build our military, cut the red tape, make all companies pay taxes, unite a nation, make taxes fair for all, increase border control while allowing people to enter legally, help Americans, veterans and the elderly, allow women the right to choose without being reckless, allow this country to become independent of others and fully sustainable and they get the vote.  

No party should want people to violently protest, stay on unemployment or government assistance or attempt to take our rights away.

I love this country. I love the freedom I have and that I have the ability to be as successful as I can. I respect others’ opinions, but I’m not going to force mine on anyone and I will not allow anyone to force theirs on me. I will agree to disagree, then go back to work and do my job — without rioting, protesting, disobeying cops, stealing crap or destroying monuments. I don’t care that much.

I believe that people have a right to have conviction. However, if I don’t agree, don’t you dare violently confront me with your movement. Ill leave you alone and you leave me alone.

If you want to believe that a certain sector of lives matter, so be it. But, if people in that sector get killed in Chicago your ass better be there supporting that cause, not just where it’s convenient.

I learned a long time ago that life is unfair. Toady’s younger generation don’t want to hear that. They want to destroy this country and some leaders are allowing that to happen for political and media reasons.

9/11 and COVID have been devastating. And, unless we all concentrate on ourselves for the betterment of this country, we may create a civil war that will bring this nation to its knees, just like our enemies wanted. I have seen the enemy and he is us.  

Reflect on the days immediately following 9/11 and see if we can become civilized once again.

Thanks for reading the News-Express.

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