Patrons of the Belfry Branch of the Pike County Public Library can once again walk into the facility.

The library location had been closed for renovation however, the drive-thru had been open.

The announcement came during the monthly meeting of the Pike County Public Library Board of Trustees Jan. 19 meeting.

Delania Adkins, director of libraries, said that, while some minor work is still being done at the location, walk-in services resumed Jan. 12.

The board also discussed a preliminary request from the Pike County Historical Society but pending further discussions, no action was taken on the issue.

Adkins reported that a total of 69 programs were held during the month of December, which is typically a slower month due to the holidays.

“Even with the holidays, we had 2,988 people attend the programs offered, which is good,” Adkins said.

The board discussed the issue to surplus two vehicles, a boom truck and a renovated RV that had been retrofitted to serve as a mobile library several years ago and had since become a storage vehicle.

Wesley Fleming, technology coordinator for the library district, said that the two vehicles were old and are no longer serviceable.

“They don’t even make some of the parts for the boom truck anymore,” Fleming said. “The RV roof is leaking and really unrepairable.”

The board voted unanimously to surplus both vehicles.

The next meeting of the board is scheduled for 3 p.m. Feb. 9 at the Pike County Public Library on Lee Avenue in Pikeville.