Floyd sheriff: 1.5 pounds of meth seized

The Floyd County Sheriff’s Department confiscated about 1.5 pounds of suspected methamphetamine, two handguns, about $3,500 in cash and other drug-related items during an investigation on Sept. 6 in Prestonsburg.

PRESTONSBURG — A Perry County resident was arrested on Friday during an investigation that led to what officials with the Floyd County Sheriff’s Department say is the largest meth bust reported since Sheriff John Hunt took office.

Executing a search warrant in an investigation that started with calls to the department’s anonymous tip line, deputies confiscated 650 grams, or nearly 1.5 pounds, of suspected methamphetamine in Prestonsburg. 

Officials report the street value of the drugs confiscated is about $65,000. 

Perry County resident Scott Logan Reesor, 18, of Hazard, was arrested and charged with possession of marijuana and first-degree trafficking in a controlled substance in the case. Officials report the investigation is continuing and more arrests may be made. 

Deputy Dusty Newsome reports in the citation that he, Deputy Kevin Thacker and Deputy Justin Szymchack were executing a search warrant when they intercepted text messages allegedly sent by Reesor indicating that he would bring “a large quantity of methamphetamine” to the location. 

“Once Scott showed up ... he had a back pack on his person,” Newsome wrote. “The backpack contained over 500 grams of suspected methamphetamine; some was weighed out into smaller quantities for sale and there was one very large bag. Also found in the bag was digital scales, empty plastic baggies and a large amount of cash and a firearm. There was also a small amount of personal use marijuana located in the back pack.” 

Thacker reported that, after weighing the suspected drugs, deputies determined it weighed 650 grams, or nearly 1.5 pounds. 

He said deputies also confiscated about $3,500 and two handguns, a 9 mm and a .45 pistol, from Reesor.  

He reported that the investigation started because of complaints made to the department’s anonymous tip line. After the text messages were intercepted, Thacker said deputies stayed at the location for a few hours waiting for Reesor to show up.

“We’re still investigating. It’s possible that other names could come out in it,” Thacker said. 

He reported that Reesor indicated that he had done this previously in Floyd County. 

“All indications was that this is what he did,” Thacker said. “I mean, he was pretty open about stuff, and he indicated to us that he would go to a supplier and pick it up and bring it here and deliver it.”

He would not disclose the location Reesor claimed to have picked up the illegal drugs. 

“I think this kid did it pretty much on his own. I don’t think he worked for anybody. He wasn’t doing it for anybody except himself, from things that he indicated to us,” Thacker said.

Explaining that one gram of methamphetamine would fit inside an individual sugar packet, Thacker estimated the street value of the suspected methamphetamine confiscated to be about $65,000. 

“That’s usually what people buys, is that one little sugar packet,” Thacker said. “So this guy had 650 of those little sugar packets to sell, and those sell for $100 per packet.”

Reesor was scheduled to be arraigned in Floyd District Court on Monday morning, but he had been released from custody after posting a $2,000 cash bond on Saturday. His arraignment was rescheduled for Sept. 25.

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