While data from the Kentucky Center for Statistics shows that state, and local, unemployment rates fell in June after reaching extreme highs earlier this year, Eastern Kentucky’s rates still remain the highest in the commonwealth.

According to the Kentucky Center for Statistics, the state’s non-seasonally adjusted unemployment rate fell from 10.7 percent to 4.8 percent between May and June, bringing the rate to the same 4.8 percent seen in June 2019.

The data shows local rates also fell greatly between May and June, falling from a high of 12.6 percent in May to 7.2 percent overall in the Big Sandy Area Development District (Floyd, Johnson, Magoffin, Martin and Pike).

Within the Big Sandy ADD:

• Floyd’s unemployment rate fell from 11.9 percent to 6.9 percent, lower than the 7.2 percent seen in June 2019.

• Johnson’s unemployment rate fell from 11.3 percent to 6.2 percent, lower than the 7.4 percent rate seen in June 2019.

• Magoffin County retained the highest unemployment rate in the state, at 11.7 percent, which represents a far lower rate than the 19.9 percent seen in May, but still higher than the 10.8 percent seen in June 2019.

• Martin County also had a high rate, at 8.2 percent in June, down from 14 percent in May, but also up from the 7.7 percent seen in June 2019.

• Pike County’s unemployment rate fell from 12 percent to 6.7 percent between May and June, but still remained higher than the 6.4 percent rate seen in June 2019.

The Kentucky River Area Development District (Breathitt, Knott, Lee, Leslie, Letcher, Owsley, Perry and Wolfe) unemployment rate fell from 11.8 percent in May to 6.7 percent in June, a rate lower than the 7.1 percent rate the district saw a year earlier.

Perry County’s rate, the data shows, fell from a high of 12 percent in May to 6.9 percent in June, remaining higher than the 6.2 percent seen in June 2019.

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