PCSD BOE approves new female board member

Stephany Lowe

The Pike County Schools District Board of Education approved appointing its first female board member in more than two decades during a special-called board meeting on Tuesday.

The board approved Stephany Lowe, current cheerleading coach at Johns Creek Elementary School, to fill the Dist. 2 board representative vacancy that was left by Justin Maynard when he resigned the week of June 15.

“I appreciate you all selecting me, and I’ll make sure to do the best job I can do for you all,” Lowe said, addressing the board after she was approved.

The board entered into executive session during its special called meeting on Tuesday for two hours to interview Lowe and two other applicants, one of whom did not show up for his interview. After leaving executive session, the board approved Lowe as the new Dist. 2 board representative.

Lowe is the first female board member for the Pike County Schools District in more than two decades. Karen Sue Ratliff served as the last female member on the board when she was appointed in 1987 and later named board chair in 1993.

Lowe said she applied to become the next Dist. 2 board member because she wanted to be part of the process that would “make things better” for the children of Pike County. While working as a cheerleading coach at Johns Creek Elementary School, she said, she also works with athletics at Pike County Central High School.

“I think they’re already doing a great job, and I just hope that with my knowledge of dealing with children and their parents that I can bring something to the table,” Lowe said, regarding the board.

Superintendent Reed Adkins said both of the applicants were “outstanding” and “both put kids first and put kids at heart in their interest with the board.” However, he said, Lowe stood out because she has previously worked with the board while serving as a cheerleading coach for about 13 years at the elementary school, middle school and high school levels.

“She’s always visible in that community,” Adkins said. “You can’t go to an event at Pike Central or Johns Creek where you don’t see Stephany Lowe.”

Adkins said he was excited to add a female member to the board after more than two decades.

“I think it just adds a whole different perspective to the board, having a lady on here,” Adkins said. “I’m just excited on two to three different levels to have her.”

Lowe will be sworn in during the Pike County Schools District regular board meeting on Thursday, Sept. 12 at 5:30 p.m.

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