Coley D. Maxwell

Coley D. Maxwell

A man accused of taking part in a murder last year in Pikeville is in a state of limbo after making bond in Pike County, but still technically being in custody of the state of Michigan.

In a hearing Friday in Pike Circuit Court, Pikeville attorney Steve Owens asked Pike Circuit Judge Eddy Coleman to make a decision regarding the status of Coley D. Maxwell, 22. Maxwell, a resident of Detroit, has been in custody for nearly a year. He is accused of taking part in the murder of Amari Hall and the shooting of two other men in July 2018.

During Friday’s hearing, Owens told the court that Maxwell, who was extradited from Detroit to Pike County to face the murder charge, had actually made bond on his Pike County charges. According to the booking log at the Pike County Detention Center, his bond was set at $50,000, or 10 percent. Owens said Maxwell technically remains in the custody of authorities in Michigan in relation to charges there, despite having made bond in Pike County.

The question of Maxwell’s status centers upon the fact authorities in both Pike County and in Michigan have declined to have Maxwell transported back to Michigan since his bond has been paid in Pike County. Owens asked Coleman to either order authorities in Pike County to transport Maxwell back to Michigan or to release him from custody in Pike County. Coleman told Owens that he does not believe that he could release Maxwell from custody.

Assistant Pike Commonwealth’s Attorney Donald Smith told the court that Maxwell should never have been granted bond in Pike County. Smith said Maxwell was extradited to Pike County on the condition that he not be returned to Michigan until after his is tried for the murder of Hall and the shooting of the other two men.

No action was taken in the hearing Friday. Coleman asked both sides to return at a later date with citations of case law to defend their positions on the situation.

Maxwell was returned to the custody of the Pike County Detention Center.

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