During its recent meeting of the Pike County Fiscal Court, the court approved a number of appointments to the Pike County Ethics Commission, which Judge-Executive Ray Jones said has been expired for some time. The purpose of the commission, according to officials, is to discuss and then solve any issues regarding ethics that may arise.

“We currently only have two members,” Jones said. “Jim Pruitt, whose term ends Oct. 3, 2020 and Ryan Stratton, whose term ends Oct. 3, 2020.”

Jones said the court has approved reappointing two former members; Charles Lowe Jr., whose term expired on Oct. 4, 2019 and Angela Lester, whose term expired Oct. 3, 2018. According to Jones, Lowe’s new term is expected to end Oct. 3, 2023 with Lester’s term expected to end Oct. 3, 2022.

Jones said the court also appointed Teddy Honaker to the commission and his term is expected to expire Oct. 3, 2023.

According to Jones, the court would name alternates to the commission, which would include Appalachian School of Law student Kyle Newsome and Kevin Hall of Hall and Jones Funeral Home. Jones said the terms of those named as alternates would expire Oct. 3, 2022.

“Those are just folks that I thought would be some quality people that would be able to serve,” Jones said. “Some have already served and it’s my understanding the Ethics Commission doesn’t meet unless there is a complaint.”

Jones said the commission hasn’t met in sometime and that the court is hoping that the commission is never given a reason to meet. But if they are, Jones said, he is confident those named to the commission will handle any complaints that may arise.

“We hope and pray there is no reason for the commission to meet,” Jones said. “But we have a have a very strong group of men and women on the commission, and if there is an issue regarding ethics that comes up, then we trust that you all will exercise the appropriate level of judgement to adjudicate those .”

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