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Randy Surber

Kentucky State Police Post 9 Pikeville has a new commander.

Capt. Randy Surber assumed command earlier this month after previous commander Capt. Donnie Shearer retired.

Surber is no stranger to the area. The Letcher County native began his KSP career at the post in 2003.

“I worked in the Belfry area for about 3 years then transferred to Hazard post where I was promoted to sergeant and went to the Elizabethtown post,” Surber said. “From there, I went to the Ashland post, back to Pikeville then back to Hazard where I was promoted to lieutenant and transferred to the Harlan post then back to Ashland where I was promoted to Captain and transferred here.”

Surber said there was a lot of pride working at the Pikeville post.

“I’ve worked all across the state and there’s no comparison of what these troopers endure during a shift,” Surber said. “The call volume, it’s so much busier here, the troopers don’t stop.”

Surber said of all the posts he’s been assigned to, there is more support shown here for law enforcement.

“Recently, there was a Back the Blue event,” Surber said. “That doesn’t happen everywhere.”

Surber is hoping that support continues during his command at Post 9.

“Trooper Mike Coleman is the new Public Affairs officer and we will be seen in more areas,” Surber said. “Pike County is a big place and we need to be out in all the areas — Grapevine, Kimper, Freeburn.”

Surber is pleased with the relationship the post has with other law enforcement agencies within the post 9 area.

“I think we’ve got a good working relationship with the agencies,” Surber said. “There’s a good bond there.”

Surber said the biggest problem in the area remains to be drugs.

“It’s like a ladder,” Surber explained. “If we can track everything down from a shoplifiting complaint and investigate that to the root, it’s gonna be drugs.

“Your suicides and domestics,” Surber said, “If you can track it back, it’ll be drugs.”

Surber is looking forward to working with the communities in the region.

“We are there to help people in times of need,” Surber said. “We just want to help people.”

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