A week after the COVID-19 delayed primary election, the Pike County Board of Elections tabulated the votes Monday and released the results Tuesday.

Following are the unofficial results (Pike County only) for the June 23 primary election, listed in ballot order, according to the Pike County Clerk's Office:

President of the United States, Republican

Donald Trump - 3,724

“Uncommitted” - 168

United States Senator, Republican

Naren James - 79

Kenneth Lowndes - 45

Mitch McConnell - 3,402

C. Wesley Morgan - 119

Nicholas Alsager - 15

Wendell K. Crow - 40

Paul John Frangedakis - 49

Louis Grider - 54

United States Representative, 5th Congressional District, Republican

Harold “Hal” Rogers - 3,586

Gerardo Serrano - 264

President of the United States, Democrat

Pete Buttigieg - 87

John K. Delaney - 70

Joseph R. Biden - 2,661

Tom Steyer - 47

Tulsi Gabbard - 91

Michael Bennet - 50

Michael R. Bloomberg - 87

Amy Klobuchar - 62

Bernie Sanders - 547

Deval Patrick - 25

Andrew Yang - 98

Elizabeth Warren - 112

“Uncommitted” - 1,650

United States Senator, Democrat

Andrew J. Maynard - 295

Amy McGrath - 2,791

Eric Rothmuller - 50

John R. Sharpensteen - 59

Bennie J. Smith - 140

Mary Ann Tobin - 146

Jimmy C. Ausbrooks - 30

Charles Booker - 1,661

Mike Broihier - 168

Maggie Jo Hilliard - 198

State Senator, 31st Senatorial District, Democrat

Scott Sykes - 2,375

Glenn Martin Hammond - 3,475

Hammond won the election overall for the Democratic nomination for the seat by a vote of 5,559 to Sykes’ 3,836 in the counties in the 31st District. Hammond moves on to the general where he’ll face Republican Phillip Wheeler, the incumbent, for the seat.

Justice of the Supreme Court, 7th District

Sam Wright - 3,181

Robert B. Conley - 949

Chris Harris - 5,704

Conley was the biggest vote-getter across the 7th District, taking 32,782 votes in the district, while Harris finished in second, with 24,807, barely ekeing out a victory to eliminate incumbent Wright, who received 24,470 votes. Conley and Harris will face off in the November general election to decide the office.

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