As the Pike County Schools District continues to provide meals for its students while the district is closed, the district’s Food Service program just released the meal distribution plan for the week of March 30-April 2.

Parents or guardians of any child who is 18 years-old or younger may go to 13 sites across the district between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. on April 2 in order to receive a total of 10 meals (five breakfast meals and five lunch meals).

Meals will be served at the following sites: Belfry High School, Belfry Elementary, Bevins Elementary, Pike Central High School, Johns Creek Elementary, Kimper Elementary, Phelps Elementary, Valley Elementary, Dorton Elementary, East Ridge High School, Millard School, Elkhorn City Elementary and Feds Creek Elementary.

According to the district, the meals will be served in an effort to “continue serving the children of Pike County while maintaining health and safety guidelines set forth by federal, state and local officials including social distancing.”

“A curbside service for grab-n-go pick-up has been established for each location for the health and safety of all,” according to the district. “Please remain in your vehicle until directed to pick up your meals.”

Meals may be received for any child ages 18 and under. Children must be present at the curbside pick-up in the vehicle but should never get out of the vehicle for any reason, as stated in federal regulations.

According to the district, those who have been receiving delivered meals through collaboration with transportation and family resource will continue to receive them in an effort to provide meals to all students. People are asked to contact any school to arrange meal service if they know of a child who does not have transportation to pick up meals. Please contact the school in your community for assistance or further information.

The Pike County Schools District announced that it distributed 40,618 meals to children in Pike County on March 25 and 26, with each student receiving five breakfast meals and five lunch meals.

“Superintendent Reed Adkins continues to lead this monumental task in collaboration with all food service workers, transportation department, central office staff, school administrators and district/school support staff including family resource directors along with many volunteers,” the district said in a statement. “The Pike County Board of Education is extremely proud of the team effort put forth by all staff and especially those who are working in service of our students putting themselves at-risk to ensure that no child in Pike County is hungry during these uncertain times.”

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