Just one day after announcing Pike County’s second and third positive cases of the COVID-19 virus, officials gathered on April 10 to inform the public that a fourth positive case has been confirmed.

During a press conference held in the Pike County Fiscal Courtroom, Pike County Judge-Executive Ray Jones announced that a fourth positive case of the COVID-19 virus has been confirmed in a Pike County resident. According to Jones, the patient who tested positive is a 62-year-old male who is currently in critical condition and hooked up on a ventilator at Pikeville Medical Center.

The patient, Jones said, tested positive after being administered a second test after the first test conducted on the patient came back negative for the disease.

Jones said that Pikeville Medical Center’s Director of Infectious Disease and Infection Control Dr. Fadi Al Akhrass was convinced the patient was not suffering from influenza so he recommended the patient be kept in isolation, due to Al Akrhass suspecting the patient was suffering from COVID-19.

After being tested a second time, the patient was confirmed to be positive, Jones said.

It is vital, Jones said, that people follow social distancing guidelines.

“Yesterday, we talked about the importance of social distancing and proper hygiene,” Jones said. “We talked about the importance of people adhering to the CDC guidelines and the executive orders that have been issued by Gov. (Andy) Beshear and by my office. This disease is capable of getting someone very sick very fast.

“We’re asking for everyone to please take this serious because we do expect additional cases,” he added.

Pike County Health Department Director Tammy Riley said the Pike County Health Department will be working in conjunction with the Floyd County Health Department and local officials in Floyd County in order to properly trace any individuals who may have come in contact with the latest patient.

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