May no longer CEO at PMC

Walter May speaks at a 2014 ceremony recognizing the opening of the Pam May Clinic Building.

Pikeville Medical Center announced Tuesday that President and CEO Walter E. May has been replaced.

In a statement, Pikeville Medical Center said May’s position as CEO will now be filled by Assistant CEO Donovan Blackburn.

Blackburn was appointed assistant CEO in May 2017, after serving for 13 years as city manager for the City of Pikeville.

“The hospital wants to express its deep appreciation for more than 56 years of service to the hospital by former CEO and board chairman Walter E. May,” the statement said. 

The statement said the former CEO has not given any details about his plans for the future. 

May began his medical career at the Appalachian Regional Hospital on Harolds Branch when he was appointed to the board of directors in 1962. The hospital was sold to Pikeville Methodist Hospital in 1966 and May was also appointed to the board. He was appointed as chairman in 1990 before being named interim CEO in 1998. By January 2000, he had been named president and CEO and maintained both positions until Tuesday’s


May was the leader for several different projects within the community which have helped the hospital to grow — including the rebranding from Pikeville Methodist Hospital to Pikeville Medical Center. 

Under May’s leadership, the medical center saw a major addition to the main structure, the addition of the Leonard Lawson Care Center, the Pam May Clinic Building, a partnership with the Mayo Clinic, an after-hours clinic and more.

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