Denny Paul May can coach.

He’s been a head coach and a top level assistant coach over the years.

May stepped away from coaching for a couple years, but that’s going to come to an end this fall he joins Randy Casey and the Wesley Christian coaching staff.

“Randy (Casey) and I are longtime friends,” May said. “I think we played together in ’83 during AAU basketball. We got re-aquainted at Belfry. We coached together under Raymond Justice for eight years. We had some terrific times. We won three straight region titles and I think we were a part of the first-ever Belfry basketball team that went to the state championship. Raymond (Justice) was great. He gave us assistant coaches a lot of freedom and trusted our judgements and it was just such a great time.

“After I left Belfry, I joined coach Rodney Rowe at Shelby Valley and then went other places after that. Randy (Casey) and I remained friends the entire time and a few years ago when Randy first went to Athens to coach, we talked about getting back with Raymond (Justice) and coaching together again and how fun that would be. It just happened that Randy (Casey) took over at Wesley Christian earlier this year and he called me up and it just worked out to where we could coach together again.”

When Casey took over at Wesley Christian, he had one person in mind to be on his coaching staff.

“I’m very happy to have Denny Paul (May) on my staff,” Casey said. “We started out together as assistants at Belfry and coached together for eight years. It was always a dream to work with him again.”

May has been a staple in the 15th Region as a head coach or assistant coach since his days at Belfry, but he got away from coaching for a couple of years.

He is excited about getting back into the coaching ranks at Wesley Christian.

“Wesley Christian is a great prep school,” May said. “They play in the Grind Session League. It’s one of the top prep leagues in the country. There is so much interest in basketball at every level and the proliferation of AAU has added a whole new level of popularity to the game. It’s unbelievable how popular basketball is now. We play the Oak Hills and Huntington Preps of the world. We just want to attract the right kind of players to our program. Randy Casey has sent 29 players to play at the college level in his time in Athens, so he knows how to recruit and get guys noticed and send them to the next level. I’m really looking forward to the new challenge ahead.”

Casey trusts May and knows what he brings to the table as a coach.

“He’s got a lot of great experience,” Casey said. “He has so much knowledge about the game, it’s unreal. He is great at breaking down film and he knows just what to do to prepare for each opponent. It is going to make us so much better with his knowledge and experience.

“Besides his knowledge and experience, he brings hard work and an ability to teach the game. He knows what adjustments to make and when and I can trust him in any situation in any game. He also brings a skill that some coaches don’t have and that’s player development. I’m going to rely on his knowledge heavily.”

May also talked about how eager he is to get back to coaching with Casey.

“I know how hard he works and it’s amazing to see,” May said. “We have the same philosophy on the court, so it’s going to be good to bring some pressure and get up and down the court and have some guys to be able to throw one down around the basket.”

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