LEXINGTON - Student-athletes from each of Pike County’s six high schools have earned the KHSAA Triple Threat Award.

Created by the Commissioner’s office in May of 2018 as a way to continue the national emphasis and the KHSAA’s own efforts to de-emphasize sports specialization in the athletic culture, the Triple Threat Award recognizes those students who participate in high school athletics (sport or sport-activity) at the varsity level year round (fall/winter/spring).

“In these days where some people erroneously believe that a student needs to participate in only one activity year round to succeed, the Triple Threat Award allows us to counter that myth with nearly 1,900 great examples of kids that represent their school all year long as multi-sport student-athletes,” said KHSAA Commissioner Julian Tackett. “Every study published continues to prove that much more damage is done by sport specialization than benefit is gained, and we will continue to emphasize that point.”

The KHSAA Triple Threat Award honorees from Pike County follow.

Belfry: Thomas Bond, Kevin Browning, Israel Canterbury, Brett Coleman, Emily Deaton, Anna Deskins, Elijah Fields, Chandler Fluty, Dylan Goff, Isaiah Hackney, Taylor Layne, Logan McCoy, Ben McNamee, Ariel Mounts, Kylea Stanley, Randell West, Celia Wiedel, Ethan Wolford.

East Ridge: Brad Howell, Lexy Little, Kyra Looney, Zack Mason, Haley Parks, Connor Puckett, Lakin Puckett, Eli Rose, Kelsi Slone, Hannah Thacker, Leah Wells.

Phelps: Caleb Dotson, Kacie Dotson, Landon Dotson, Riley Dotson, Cameron Johnson, Cainan Land, Christian Land, Kaylynn Layne, Seth Mayhorn, Danielle Prater, Emily Prater, Alyssa Sargent, Kyra Slone Chloe Smith, Daniel Smith, Brandon Turnmire.

Pike Central: Bryce Adkins, Bailey Birchfield, Chloe Neace, Dakota Starcher.

Pikeville: Christian Billiter, Elizabeth Brown, Isaac Coleman, Alivia Gearheart, Eric Green, Emily Hager, Grant Holland, Zac Lockhart, Taylor McKinney, Isaac McNamee, JT Orem, Connor Roberts, Annie Salyer, Leslie Stewart, Madison Thacker, Olivia Whitfield, Kendal Wright.

Shelby Valley: Aaron Bates, Lincoln Billiter, Jacob Caudill, Makayla Gillispie, Laci Johnson, Angel Newsome, Kammie Ratliff, Sophie Ratliff.

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