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As much as Lombardi loved Hornung, the legendary coach and the team’s other star ball-carrier, Taylor, often butted heads. After the 1966 season, when Taylor played out his option and signed with the expansion New Orleans Saints, Lombardi criticized him publicly for it. The two later made their peace, however, and when Lombardi left the Packers for the Washington Redskins, he showed his new team film clips of Taylor running in his offense.

When Thompson decided to move on from Sherman, he interviewed six candidates for the job. In the end, he made what he called “an East Texas gut call” and chose McCarthy, who delivered the team’s fourth Super Bowl title when he led the 2010 Packers to a 31-25 victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers, the team McCarthy grew up cheering for as a kid growing up in the Pittsburgh neighborhood of Greenfield.

While he played in a vastly different era — although he threw the ball often, he was technically a halfback, not a quarterback — Herber threw his way to the Pro Football Hall of Fame and is widely regarded as the NFL’s first premier long-ball thrower.