The final meeting of the current fiscal court took place last week. I attended the meeting to see what action, if any would take place. 

Since Judge-Executive Bill Deskins’ accident has him sidelined for a while, Magistrate Dotson ran the meeting. As expected, little action was taken, which, at this point, was the right thing to do. The new administration will be sworn in Jan. 6.

All the members of the court went around offering their gratitude to each other and wishing each other well in the new year. Some elaborated on their accomplishments and recognized that this was, in fact, their final meeting. 

Magistrate Dotson said that he liked the idea of transparency in the meetings and asked if any of the audience or media would like to have any final words. Since there were only three audience members and me, along with our court reporter, Josh Little, I decided to offer final words. 

I explained that I have been critical of the court over the years for good reason. When they did good things, we praised them and when they did things not so well, we pointed out their flaws. It’s our responsibility to hold them accountable. 

I told them it has never been personal with me, it’s merely stating the obvious and getting down to brass tacks with the truth. And, I’m glad we did because we may have been able to show them another way and help along the county. Case in point was making the decision to trade in county trucks now instead of waiting. After we pointed out how much money the county could lose, they agreed to trade in the trucks and actually made money on the deal. 

I also told them I wouldn’t have their job. We all know the political posturing that has been done in this county now and in the past, and how they had to play that game. I don’t like playing games. 

I told them that I have no idea how the new form of government will work. But, I have spoken with Judge-Executive-elect Jones and he is building a good team and has a game plan to revitalize the county. Some of the current members have been on the court for decades and perhaps got stagnant. A new administration with statewide connections and a good team may be able to get more done in a shorter amount of time and start the rebuilding process.  

I expect to see the new administration come out of the gate firing on all cylinders. Major changes in policies, personnel, procedures and planning should be immediate. 

I wished them all good luck in the future and once again thanked them. Magistrate Dotson said that he sold a lot of papers for us in the past because people wanted to hear what we were saying about him and, to a point, he is right. He gave us ample material. His final word was to forgive me for all the bad things I wrote about him and my final word was to forgive him for all the bad things he did. I shook all their hands and wished them well. 

Thanks for reading the News-Express.

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