Last week’s climate change closed some Kentucky schools — Reason: Freezin’. And Gov. Matt Bevin’s bitter response did little toward thawing his frosty relationship with educators across the Commonwealth. He told a Louisville radio station that allowing students to stay home during frigid weather conditions is only making us soft as a country, and that we’re basically creating snowflakes of our own by teaching youngsters that it’s okay to seek shelter and assume the fetal position when faced with life’s challenges. What a cold-hearted man. He just went and called your sixth grader a Democrat.

But if you think it’s a cold time in the Bluegrass, imagine if you lived just across the state line. Virginia Democrat Gov. Ralph “Black Face” Northam is promoting a bill that would allow a woman to have an abortion just after her full-term baby is delivered. I have to admit, murder on day one would indeed be a sure fire way to prevent a kid from ever freezing to death waiting on a school bus, but it seems a little harsh from where I’m sitting. 

Maybe they’re thinking the option should also be available just in case the newborn comes out as a bouncing baby boy who unfortunately bears a striking resemblance to the milkman. Virginia is for lovers alright: Lovers with hearts as cold as ice.

Meanwhile, during his weathercast, Al Roker called Matt Bevin a nitwit over the governor’s remarks about calling off school. We all know that anyone who works for that America-hating MSNBC outfit is going to be super sensitive and quick with the cold-hearted zingers, but daggone it, calling a man a nitwit cuts to the bone. I know this because a punk like Roker once called me a nitwit back in kindergarten and that poor guy got himself a noogie he’ll never forget.

Maybe Roker needs a reminder of when a former nitwit community organizer labeled the people of Washington, D.C. a bunch of wimps for calling off school because of ice. If you want to research it, former President Barack Obama and his family were perplexed when they woke up one morning back in 2009 to learn that their school had cancelled classes simply due to cold weather. They essentially ridiculed the school system for not being tough like the thugs in Chicago. 

I don’t know who to believe anymore. Al Roker tells me I’m going to freeze to death while Al Gore tells me I’m going to burst into flames. The cold-hearted left promotes the killing of newborns while the cold-hearted right tells kids to put a toboggan on and get on to school. And now a goofy Democrat congresswoman from New York named Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tells me that if we don’t address climate change the world will end in 12 years. I may just not have the heart for 12 more. 

The cold winds of craziness are cutting right through me.

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