The shot went across the bow, the pot called the kettle black, the splinter is out of one eye and a log jammed into another, a stone went through a glass house. However, you put it, the challenge has been issued and I want front row seats.

Last week, our area first responders celebrated by having their day in the Pikeville City Park. Heroes from all branches of service attended, and the county’s first responders enjoyed their day. They had food and shared their stories with children and showed a great appreciation to a grateful community. 

Apparently, there is some rumbling amongst some of the responders. It seems that they had so much fun that they want to showcase their talents, and perhaps high testosterone levels, in a friendly competition. 

Now, you have to admit that some of these people are the nicest people you want to meet. That is, unless you are a criminal. Even then, they will treat you with respect, of course, once you stop resisting. But they are human and clearly love their jobs and they feel blessed to be able to help people. 

On Saturday, Aug. 18, the Pikeville Police Department and Pikeville Fire Department, as part of their community outreach program will host their second Cuffs and Hoses Run. The proceeds from the event will benefit schools in Pike County and Pikeville. The money will help children get whatever supplies they need to help be on a level playing field. 

The theory of the event is that people will come out and pay the entry fee, make donations to help the children, run the race and then hang around and see what happens. The rumor (that I’m starting now) is that the police chief, Chris Edmonds, issued a challenge to the fire chief, Patrick Bentley, in a side competition.  

Since the entire county may benefit from this event, I will want to invite all the county’s fire departments to team up against all the county’s law enforcement in the challenge. The EMTs and paramedics need to be on the sidelines to administer aid to the two sides, as I’m sure they will need it. 

But if it remains only a chief-on-chief challenge it would be an interesting one. So far there have been no specifics as to the events or the format of the competition. Usually competitions like this will have some endurance, strength, mental and physical events that will declare a winner. Perhaps who has the best shot, or who can carry a dummy up stairs faster are typical events.

This challenge may take an interesting twist on the events. I hear that there will be a Snickers eating event, a longest nap event, furthest chew-spitting event, longest back hair event and a few others. This is bound to draw a big crowd and raise a lot of money because these guys can eat, spit far and sleep a lot. As far as the back hair, I’ll leave that up to the judges. 

Come out and support this event, if not for the chief-on-chief challenge, it’s for a good cause — the children of the county. 

Thanks for reading the News-Express.

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