Unless you’re ready to cry your eyes out, don’t Google the recent CNN interview starring the lady who was laid off at the EPA due to the federal government shutdown. She tells of how she and her husband, who I assume works for the same agency, are dealing with the furloughs that created financial havoc for her home and family. She goes on to explain how she may be forced to sell off family heirlooms just to make ends meet. Break out the tissues.

Personally, I also have this vision of her one day having to resort to melting down the trophy she probably received at the EPA picnic back in 2016 for her department finishing first in the eighth-annual Killing the Most Coal Mining Jobs contest. I’m sure those hard-working miners who her agency sent home for good, thanks to over-zealous over-regulation, would have much rather had her three-week furlough with the guaranteed back pay package versus losing their homes and having to move away to find work. 

Donald Trump ran his entire campaign with the promise of building a border wall between the U.S. and Mexico. And the American people voted him in as President. I find it ludicrous to hear the dynamic Democrat duo of Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, or Lurch and Uncle Fester, given how they appeared behind that podium the other day, claim that Trump is now somehow going against the wishes of the American people in his pursuit for that same wall. 

The sound of Democrats proclaiming that Trump’s wall is a waste of taxpayer money is also laughable. Since when is $5 billion not chump change when it comes to throwing taxpayer money around? Or I should say chimp change, since we’ve spent approximately $52 million on the housing and studying of chimpanzees since the year 2000 alone. 

We can also afford to pay for parties, conventions and free yoga classes for government employees such as those who work for the EPA. And we all know that we continue to spend billions protecting everyone else’s borders, even for the people who hate us. Trump’s wall, in fact, would be one of the few sensible taxpayer-funded endeavors that I’m aware of in my lifetime. The money ain’t the problem.

I sure hope Donald Trump holds to his guns when it comes to the stuff he ran on. So far he may just be the first President to actually do what he said he’d do, and for that Washington is in a tizzy. But if he and McConnell as much as bend to these lying, liberal morons, I may just denounce the Republican Party for good and get me a government job. 

For unlike most coal miners, federal government employees eventually get paid for time off when the outfit they work for shuts down temporarily and they’re sent home. And then they get their jobs back. And their free yoga classes.

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