It is past time to recognize an oxymoron that has dominated our lexicon in recent years. Jumbo shrimp, military intelligence and compassionate conservative have nothing on social media.

Anti-social media is far more accurate, but I doubt SaveFaceBook and TwitsWithThumbs will embrace the terminology.

This week anti-social media has divided us into three, possibly four butthurt tribes. There’s the first group butthurt because a, “privileged racist white kid stood and smirked in the face of a Native American veteran tribal elder.” Then there’s the butthurt cabal insulted that a, “wild-eyed drunk Commanche confronted poor innocent high school boys who definitely weren’t there to make a political statement.”

Then there’s the butthurt posse grumbling that there was “a group of mean black people calling the innocent high school boys and proud native Americans names and it’s really all their fault.” And of course, there’s the Black Hebrew Israelites who are butthurt just because.

No doubt there’s another group butthurt that I left them out.

After reviewing all the video, audio and smell recordings, one thing is clear. None of it matters. The incident, whichever incident actually happened, has absolutely zero impact on my or your day-to-day lives. It is not news. It’s not really even worthy of discussion if no one ever posted it on anti-social media.

What happened in D.C. on that day happens in D.C. every single day of the week  There are a thousand sites worth seeing in the capital and you can’t see them all in one visit, but one thing everyone sees is a protest.

There’s always a group protesting something in Washington. Usually there’s a group with the opposite opinion protesting close by, too.  

But that hasn’t stopped the terminally-offended in our country from calling for the kids to be expelled, the Native Americans to lose their drums or the Hebrew Israelites to get a job. 

That’s because they have a blind devotion to social media. It is their only source of information. No TV news, no newspapers, no Public Broadcasting. Just the things the friends they’ve never actually met share on Facebook.

They have a motto, too. “Always first, never right!”

The only thing some of these folk want more than to be offended is to be the victim. Recent polls show at least 97 percent of all Americans have been the victim of something, while the other 3 percent say those aren’t the real victims. 

This story is ripe with victims too ... from the students, to the Native Americans, to the chaperones, to anyone who ever had anything to do with the school. This non-story has been a victim goldmine!

I can agree that this story has created a few victims in the aftermath. One that isn’t a victim is the school itself.

Covington Catholic High School decided it’s a good idea to send high school boys to a march in Washington dedicated to taking a woman’s right to control her own body away. The school put those kids in that situation for political purposes. 

Anti-social media says the lesson they got isn’t the one the school intended.

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