It’s time for a vacation. Wonder if Allegient offers flights to Vietnam from Tri-Cities?

Forgive my attitude at the moment, but the return of sunshine the last couple of days after weeks and weeks of cold rain has me dreaming of destinations. Someplace sunny where the only ice is in a tall hurricane glass. Somewhere driving to the movies isn’t a Class V exercise in mudslide missing and pothole parrying.

Since the Donald has chosen Vietnam, I’m wondering why not me, too? Granted I never had the opportunity to visit there before like Cadet Bonespurs. I was a little young for one of those all-expense-paid trips the government was offering way back when.

There might be something else to it I’m not smart enough to see. Did the Donald’s draft deferments finally end and he’s simply reporting for duty? I’m sure he’ll point out that he’s been to Hanoi twice now, which is one more time than John McCain visited.

He just won’t be staying at the Hanoi Hilton.

I’m kidding, of course. We all know the Great Cheeto is in Vietnam to negotiate a Trump Hotel and get together with his secret son. Not many folks know Trump had a memorable night with a Korean double agent back in 1983.

Seeing Trump and Kim Jong-un together makes it obvious. Both of their bloated necks strain against buttoned collars with bobble heads like over-inflated balloons. If Kim had a spray on tan and orange straw on his head, they’d practically be twins.

I’m kind of amazed the furious fact fakers at Fox News haven’t figured it out. They must be too busy trying to connect AOC to Fidel Castro since they’re both Hispanic and all. But even Dennis Rodman knows the truth.

I guess Sean Hannity is no Dennis Rodman.

On the other hand, maybe Herr Trump thought it best to be out of the country while his former personal attorney was testifying in front of Congress before starting his own government sanctioned extended vacation.

Cohen is one of seven former Trump and campaign associates who have been convicted of crimes directly related to the 2016 campaign. Like Saul of Tarsus, Cohen had an epiphany, a vision that led to a radical conversion that made his conscience magically appear. Maybe it was the vision of decades in prison.

Whatever the cause, Cohen is now a zealot against the Oval Office occupant. Whether his zealotry will match that of the Trumpangelicals is to be seen, but at least he has actual evidence to point to.

Cohen is spelling out how Trump paid hush money to quiet affairs, how he worked with WikiLeaks to reveal Hillary’s email, and how he continued to negotiate for a Trump Hotel in Moscow late into the campaign. The negotiations continued because Trump never thought he’d actually find himself at a swearing-in ceremony.

According to Cohen, Trump is a racist conman. I realize that’s a pretty novel thing that no one has suggested before. 

But if you think about it ...

This might be a good time for Donald to come clean about his North Korean son. Who could call him a racist then?

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