The common loon is well known for its echoing, eerie cries and wales. So no wonder it was adopted as the official state bird of Minnesota back in 1961. Given the list of folks they’ve elected to represent them, it’s obvious that the population there is in love with loons in general. 

The current loon doing the loudest waling is Minnesota’s U.S. Rep Ilhan Abdullahi Omar, a looney Somalian who’s been an American citizen since 2000 but wants to tell us real Americans what’s wrong with America. When she isn’t working to eliminate our border patrol she’s condemning Jews and making light of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. I’ve gotten Omar figured as part loon and part coo coo. Thanks Minnesota.

Omar replaced another Minnesota dingbat by the name of Keith Ellison, the first Muslim to be elected to Congress. Keith refused to pay his taxes and even had his driver’s license suspended for unpaid fines, but now wants illegal immigrants to be issued drivers licenses. If you’re like me, you’re offended by that. 

I remember back in school when some Drivers Ed genius was squawking about how driving a car on the road, “is a privilege, son,” to only grow up and realize that being forced to pay to get my license and tags renewed, along with insurance and gasoline taxes, to then follow some moron in the left lane who’s probably done none of the above, wasn’t exactly doing me any favors. By the way, Ellison was accused of abuse by two former girlfriends but nothing was ever done about it since he’s not a Republican. 

We couldn’t speak of Minnesota Dodo birds without mentioning Jesse Ventura, a pro wrestler who rode his big mouth and fake moves all the way to the governor’s seat. This clown actually thinks that if 9/11 wasn’t an inside job, then we at least knew it was going to happen and allowed it to so we could go to war in the Middle East. The guy would blurt out anything to get on TV, but since a job as a Minnesota governor gives a man little influence across the state line I never took his freak show serious. 

I used to watch Saturday Night Live back in the ‘70s when it was just plain funny and wasn’t centered around ridiculing conservative Republicans. The only unfunny guy on the show at that time was Al Franken, even when his skits involved him wearing a diaper. 

Of course he went on to serve as a Minnesota senator. During his campaign he made fun of John McCain, though I’m sure if Franken were still in office when John passed he’d be singing his praises like all the other Democrats did. 

Al ultimately got accused of enough sexual misconduct that even the Democrats couldn’t find a way to excuse it, and he got kicked out of Congress. 

And, of course, on his way out the door, he blamed it all on Donald Trump.

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