You’ve got to be resolute when resolving the problem with your resolution. Let me know if it’s still blurry.

That blur in your rearview mirror is 2018. It’s not blurry because your mirror’s cloudy but because it’s still throwing a tantrum like a spoiled brat who can’t get his way, or maybe like an occupant of the Oval Office.

It’s called “redundant” when you connect two or more of the same things with a conjunction. That would be a conjunction junction malfunction.

Just remember the objects in your mirror are behind you. If you don’t keep your eyes forward, you might hit something like a road shutdown or a wall.

This year has been one of those years that has a much higher opinion of itself than most observers. The year is so full of itself, it denies any other year’s existence. As years go, it’s the self-proclaimed greatest.

It is a self-made year according to its bio. It got its 365 (and counting) days on its own, through hard work and great deal making. It’s the kind of year that doesn’t really believe in the rules other years play by.

365 days? That’s for common years. There’s nothing common about 2018, just ask its press secretary. This year should be a Leap Year, but that’s not really good enough for it either.

This year wants to add at least a month to its term. It’s drawing up an official proclamation to add a revolving 37-day month called Dontober to the calendar year. Calendars will not be allowed to vote on the change without a proper 13-month ID.

But 70-something percent of us know 2018 has been a downright disaster for most and a real dud for the rest. There are extremist calendars out there that want to take away days from 2018. Some have gone so far as to declare 2019 already here, but only on CNN (Calendar News Network).

But there are some who are right with 2018. Some are the types who never take their eyes off the rearview mirror, so, of course, they are enamored with the tantrum. 

They might all hit the ditch eventually but that’s no reason to overlook them. They tend to bounce off a lot of innocent objects and no amount of forward looking will keep you out of harm’s way when they’re hell-bent on looking backward through the rear-view.

Just because the calendar hasn’t been changed since 1582 is no reason to think it can’t happen again. 2019 may look like a couple of days away, but one thing 2018 has taught us is there are no guarantees. 

You might wake up Tuesday and New Year’s Day has been gerrymandered out of existence. I doubt that will happen. Most of us are pretty ready to move on to 2019. But it’s possible. If nothing else, 2018 proved pretty much anything is possible when no one is paying attention.

Resolution still fuzzy? I’ll remind you there are still those out there partying like it’s 1999. Now that’s resolve.

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