Jeff Vanderbeck

The school system is under fire because someone decided to have a vacant locker become a place for students to drop off prayer requests. An outside group stuck their nose in the school’s business, I assume because one person was offended and the locker was on lock down.

A post was made allegedly by an adult encouraging kids to use a school locker for prayer requests. The concept in itself is not a bad one, but the origin of the concept was “unconstitutional.”

Kids at the school dropped their prayer requests off at the locker in hopes that their prayers would be answered. It seems innocent enough. That is until a group called Americans United for Separation of Church and State stepped in and screamed “foul.”

Those folks would have to pass around an offering plate for legal fees if they ever attended a county meeting where they open with prayer.

The group claims they received a complaint about the locker because the idea came from a teacher. The group claims that allowing kids to drop their requests into the locker sends a message to students who are not religious that they are outsiders.

Essentially, someone allegedly got their feelings hurt because they couldn’t participate in the prayer locker and raised the red flag and involved this group.

The school then did the right thing by removing the locker because the idea was not student-based; it was derived and promoted by an adult.

In some cases, let’s say a football game, where the players pray for their safety, you can say that anyone who is offended can stay the hell home. But in school, it must be all-inclusive, even though the actions of the majority may offend one or two people.

Apparently, the students want the locker back. The solution is to remove the adult-fueled locker and have the students start their own movement with a new locker. And, if the atheists want their own locker, let them have one, too.

The prayer locker is probably not a bad idea. If kids are that compelled to write something down on a piece of paper and stick it in a locker in hopes that their request is answered, then so be it. Its not like they are asking for a 12-pack for a party. These kids are clearly in need of an outlet and they have a deep faith.  

The school system is in a bad place. By shutting down the locker, they appear to be the bad guys. By allowing the current locker to be open under the guise that an adult started the initiative offers the appearance that they are allowing the law to be broken. Either way, they lose and the kids lose, as well.

There is a prayer rally scheduled at one of the high schools in November. I wonder if this will be shut down. They need to pray for all those who are in need of prayer, starting with the easily-offended kids in their backyard. Put that in the locker.

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