Collusion requires competence. Obstruction requires cooperation.

Those are two things that are rare as hen’s teeth in Cadet Bonespurs’ universe. Turns out those were the missing ingredients that left the Mueller report short on evidence but long on “coulda, woulda, shoulda.”

If intent is a crime then the Oval Office fraud would be facing a life term. At least Bernie would let him keep his vote, not that it matters. The D’s in the House of Representatives could vote to impeach every day until the next election but Sen. Yertle would never risk the river of rubles that flow into his and his party’s pockets by following through.

There’s a precedent for the senate to not fulfill its constitutionally-defined role and Yertle is the precedenter-in-chief. If he can refuse to go through the motions of filling a Supreme Court seat, he can surely refuse to hold an impeachment trial.

So now that it turns out the Mueller report shows that the only things standing between collusion and obstruction were incompetence and uncooperation, what are we to do? There isn’t much hope that the party of Putin’s funny money will find it’s patriotic conscience any time soon.

So what that every American intelligence agency says the Russians influenced and altered our election process?  Who cares that Putin’s oligarch pals are funneling reams of rubles into Republican PACs, the NRA, into American property and businesses?

“Well, who doesn’t?” is Kentucky’s Mitch McConnell motto for starters. Another on that list would be Kentucky’s governor. Turns out the aluminum plant he conned the state legislature into investing $15 million dollars into will be partially owned by the Russian mob if it ever actually gets built.

In case you didn’t know, the company investing in the plant had been on sanctions until this past January for dirty activity by the owner, one of Putin’s closest allies. Wonder why those sanctions were loosened?  I’m not sure, but I’m thinking caviar was involved.

The good news is the Russian thugs will only own 40 percent of the business, which is 60 percent less ownership than they have on the White House. Most con men would prefer keeping their income tax returns private when a majority of that income is in rubles.

Most con men would prefer not to have their former legal advisors subpoenaed to testify before congressional committees, either. For all those with their heads in the sand complaining about hearings, I’m just going to say Whitewater and Benghazi. A lot of folks will get my drift.

So, to summarize, the blockbuster report that supposedly cleared Trump, didn’t. The hostile country that did everything short of landing troops on our shore is funneling money into every political action committee and pocket of key players in the Party of Trump. In response, the great Cheeto refuses to even consider that the Russians are attacking us.

The United States might have won the Cold War, but we are losing the information war so badly we can’t tell bull droppings from Shinola. The party of Trump-Putin wouldn’t have it any other way.

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