I hear it all the time. “He ain’t from here so he doesn’t belong.” That is probably the most moronic statement someone can say. And I hear a lot of moronic statements.

People who say that are either ignorant, being politically brainwashed or are just closed-minded. If your only complaint about a candidate or person is that they are not from around here, you’re a fool.

In a local school district, one official is fighting with a small group of people who have come out and stated that the official is not “one of us” and therefore needs to go. This is while the district is doing better than it has in years.

The district is excelling in test scores, and is financially sound without raising taxes. But, because he is not one of us, a few people want him gone.

More recently, during a political rally at the tax-sucking library, one person said that the current governor, Matt Bevin, is not one of us, and therefore was voting for Andy Beshear.  

That type of thinking is just as ignorant as voting for a specific party instead of the values of a candidate.

Just because someone is not from here shouldn’t mean that they should be unwelcomed or chastised for choosing to live here.

This region is drenched in beauty, culture and heritage. The hard-working people of this region have made this place the envy of other regions. The entrepreneurs and storeowners who chose to stay here and serve their communities made decisions to continue to make this region better.

For the most part, people in this region are very friendly and welcoming. They are willing to share their culture, and outsiders are very interested in absorbing that culture.

If this region were not coveted for its beauty and culture, the booming tourism industry would be all but dried up.

People coming into this region are hungry for knowledge of the region and its people. Outsiders can offer a different perspective of culture and expertise to the people of this region. Look at the specialized physicians, teachers, theatre managers and actors who have chosen to live here to be part of this community.

I have been here for 20 years and I have embraced this culture and lifestyle. It’s one of the best places I have lived. I’m sure there may be a few people who may not be thrilled, but I hear of people who shoot their own relatives, so I guess I’m lucky.

I may be a Yankee, an outsider, but I have learned from the good people of this region. I have made some good friends and offered opinions that some people were not able to or couldn’t express. I’m grateful to the people of this region and what it offers.

The next time you hear someone say that they don’t belong or that they are not one of us, chalk that up to a political ploy or just plain ignorance — bless their hearts.

Thanks for reading the News-Express.

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