Although the measure didn’t pass, 125 dizzy U.S. House Democrats and one crazy Republican recently voted to lower the national voting age to 16. It’s sad to think that liberals in Washington are so desperate to force socialism, climate change and gun control upon us all that they’d use children in order to get their way. But that’s exactly where we’re at. 

The left will claim that treating young people as if they’re adults by teaching them to participate at an early age prepares them to be responsible citizens in the future. Well, Jerry Lee Lewis may have married his third cousin when she was only 13, too, but I’m sure he’d have been the first to admit that she had no business in the kitchen.

If anything, the voting age should be raised to 21. Further, if you aren’t an American citizen who’s willing and able to proudly show proof of it at the polls, you shouldn’t be allowed to vote at any age. Washington Democrats have made it clear though, that not only do they want illegal immigrants to be able to vote, they’re now willing to brainwash unsuspecting high schoolers, most of whom who don’t even want a seat on the Key Club.

In the movie “High School Confidential,” back in 1958, and before I was born, I’d like to add, the guy who secretly infiltrated the school was just looking to expose drug users. I fear that in the halls today we have undercover agents that aren’t there to sniff out weed at all, they’re there in fact to push far more dangerous mind-altering products such as liberalism and socialism. And as they sense that they are gradually getting the youngsters hooked, the obvious next step is to allow them to vote. 

Take Nick Sandmann, the Trump-supporting Covington Catholic High School student who was assailed a while back by a rabid pack of liberals. I wonder if the Democrats want him and his 16-year-old pals voting?  I’d reckon not. But I don’t either. Regardless of your politics, I think 21 is a good age to bundle it all together, that being eligibility for military service and to vote, with the right to smoke cigarettes, drink beer and get a tattoo tacked on for extra incentive to register for both. 

When I first registered to vote, I had a friend urge me to go sign up as a Democrat so I could vote for a friend he was supporting in a Pike County election. I’ll admit that I did it, and I guess I voted for the guy. I was 18 then, but still too young to know any better. 

 How are you going to feel soon when you’re in line to cast your vote for President of the United States and a pimple-faced 16 year old turns around and through a slobbery retainer says “zzwhat’s up pops, you, like, here to, like, vote and stuff?”

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