I’ve got a riddle for you. How many liberals does it take to carry a Republican’s coffin? Actually I haven’t made up the punchline yet, but in the case of John McCain, all I know it’s more guys than a Prius will hold. McCain told the President to stay away from his funeral and then offered slobbering Democrats the opportunity to carry his casket and deliver the eulogy. The main requirement being that they couldn’t have openly hated on John since at least back to 2008.

I always liked John McCain and I’m sorry he’s dead. Hell, I shook the man’s hand in Inez one time and I’ve got his Presidential campaign sticker on my Craftsman toolbox in my garage to this day. But he proved to be a weak candidate when it came to running for President, and was ultimately sent packing by a community organizer. McCain took on a barrage of crude insults and attacks from the likes of the Obama/Biden gang and their liberal media, and bless his heart, the man was just too nice to adequately return fire. Today’s fair-weather friends of McCain would no doubt like us all to consider the shots at the man in 2008 friendly fire that they never really meant in the first place.

Ret. Gen. Wesley Clark, a staunch Obama supporter, once proclaimed that riding in a fighter jet and getting shot down wasn’t a qualification to be President, basically making light of the Senator’s military service. As were most in the media at the time. Non-stop rounds that would make Donald Trump’s shots at McCain seem like firing blanks in comparison. Liberal attacks that led to McCain getting shot down in fact a second time, only this time in his own country. Soon after, surrendering to “if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em,” McCain basically became a Democrat himself. 

I saw military veterans standing in the middle of the four lane the other day holding buckets, having to beg for help for disabled army veterans while hoping to not get run over by a speeding meth head. At the same time, we send billions overseas to countries filled with people that would love to cut our heads off. Think about that for a second. I’m not going to bother with googling John McCain’s voting record, but I would hope that he, of all people, has been jumping straight up and down over crimes like this the whole time he’s been in Congress. Even if so, he wasn’t jumping high enough. 

John McCain served our country well overall, even if he was a closet Democrat, and it’s a shame that he and Donald Trump didn’t get along. One thing about it, had he sided with the President as I wish he had, liberals wouldn’t be in a tizzy as to how long an American flag was at half mast. They’d be back to setting one on fire and stomping on it.

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