A white supremacist nut in New Zealand shot up a Mosque Friday and killed 50 Muslims. The mainstream media is all giddy over it and within a few days, they’ll figure out a way to blame it on Donald Trump. Meanwhile, hundreds of Christians are being slaughtered in Nigeria by Islamic extremists, some burned alive, but you won’t see that reported on CNN. 

Evidently all Mexicans are Democrats and all Russians are Republicans. Why else would Nancy Pelosi and her clown circus invite illegals into our country to vote while going nuts should Putin click “like” on a pro-Trump Facebook post? I take it that if you’re a foreigner and planning to interfere with our elections, it depends on who you’re for as to whether we allow it or not.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has declared “Meatless Mondays” in all of his city’s public schools. This is to get the kids gradually prepared for starvation should we turn to socialism, since at that point, there’ll be no meat all week long. Not to be outdone, after nutty Ocasio-Cortez ran Amazon out of town she followed up by declaring “Jobless Mondays” just for the parents.

Texas flake Beto O’Rourke says he’s now running for president. Yet another gun-hating, illegal immigrant-loving, climate change liberal in the mix of possible nuts to eventually lose to Donald Trump in 2020. I bet the guy hates cows, too.

Breadline Bernie Sanders praised socialist-ruled Venezuela for ending income inequality. As we all know, seems today there’s virtually no income there at all. It still must be better than New York City, though, for at least the people in Venezuela aren’t nutty enough to call for meatless Mondays. At this stage, I’m sure they’d eat a Chihuahua on a Monday just the same as they would a Tuesday if they could get one. And this jet-setting Bernie guy, with three houses, is currently atop the polls as the Democrat nominee for President of the United States? That’s nuts.

Can I say for sure that Bernie and Biden are actually Beavis and Butthead all grown up? No. But I do find it kind of strange that no one has ever reported seeing all four of them in the same room together at the same time. 

Dick’s Sporting Goods stopped selling hunting rifles recently, but they still sell rods and reels. If I was a fish, I’d be mad as hell. 

I caught an episode of “All In the Family” the other night. If Archie Bunker thought he was tormented by liberal nuts back then, he hadn’t seen anything. If he were alive today and decided to run for president, I’d vote for him over any socialist. There’ll never be another Archie, but meatheads are still a dime a dozen.

The way I see it there’ll be at least one positive should Democrat Socialist nuts ultimately get their way — Big blocks of government cheese. I loved that stuff.

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