Once again, the lure of Big-Pharma money has reared its ugly head. If you don’t think Big-Pharma controls our society, politics and greed, you are sadly mistaken.

It’s bad enough that Big Pharma misleads the public into thinking their opiods are not addictive. Now, their spreading greed enabled easily duped “professionals” to make extra cash by over-prescribing or illegally prescribing, exacerbating the epidemic. 

Opioids are killers. Period. The strongest ones are for terminally ill patients who have little to no hope to survive. They are meant to make what’s left of a dying patients life as painless as possible. They’re not meant for toothaches and minor back pain, which is how Big-Pharma has marketed them. The incentives given to doctors for writing prescriptions create addicts while the doctors and companies get wealthy. 

In the past we have seen doctors and pharmacists compromise their profession and morals to make a quick buck on illicit use of narcotics while compromising patient safety. And in cases causing people to become addicted to opioids at their greed. We have also seen these professionals take their lives after they were caught. 

The grip that Big-Pharma has on the politicians is immense. The lobbyists are giving money out to politicians like candy in order to not disrupt their chain of production and distribution. We have seen greed in Big Pharma where the cost of Epipen’s skyrocketed, just because they could while the government stood by watching the crooks bilk the patient. 

We are seeing the highest price of medication in our history while the government stands by watching the train hit the wall as their PAC’s collect money from the lobbyists to entice the politicians to look the other way.

Most recently we have seen a crackdown on professionals who are allegedly skirting the system to make money. The feds can make all the crackdowns and busts they want and the courts can jail all the immoral prescribers for many years. But, until the federal government stops taking money from the lobbyists and demands Big Pharma to change their deception and greed, the problem will never be solved. 

I recently spoke to a German woman at a Bat-Mitzvah. Yes, you read that correctly, and this German woman asked me if Americans have all the medical problems that the ads on TV insinuate. She said every ad on TV is for a drug with massive side effects. 

I don’t go to the doctor much, but my wife and I took our kids when they needed care. I was infuriated to the point where I let my then-family doctor know that I don’t appreciate waiting way past my appointment to see him and then watch as multiple drug reps took gifts and lunch to him and his staff while I was in the waiting room. 

Big Pharma spends billions each year trying to get us hooked on a pill or trying to make us believe that we can’t live without their meds. Doctors are over-prescribing, lobbyists are giving money to politicians to look away and we are being drugged to death. 

Greed and dysfunctional government will be the death of our nation. Be careful how you vote. 

Thanks for reading the News-Express.

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