Forget about the Russians, ISIS, the Chinese or North Korea, we are becoming our own worst enemy. 

Sometimes President Trump makes statemens in haste. He said ISIS has been defeated and is no longer a threat. The only way that will happen is if all terrorist cells are wiped off the face of the earth and every domestic terrorist is captured or killed. I have no issue pulling out of Syria, we trained them, supplied them with weapons and helped rebuild the infrastructure that was destroyed. 

President Trump ran his campaign on building a wall and locking Hillary up, neither of which have happened or may happen during his term. What is happening is a stalemate between two pig-headed parties where the American people are pawns. The government shutdown will have a residual effect for years to come, and I’m not liking the art of this deal.

This stalemate where Americans are losing over a damn wall is becoming a national travesty. Government workers at airports, health inspectors, treasury employees and other essential employees are off. Some have been called back to work without pay, which, in itself, should be illegal. I can’t force my employees to work without pay. I get the whole argument that at least they have a job to go back to and will get back pay and all that, but it goes deeper. 

These employees facilitate commerce, which creates jobs, tax revenue and keeps this country going. Say what you want about the employees, but the services they provide are the start of business. Try to get a permit now for a massive project, stand in line at the airport or wait on your tax refund and you will understand. There are several local projects waiting on permits to move forward to create jobs that are being held up over this mess. 

What we need is a plan for security and a legal path to immigration. Trump wants a wall and Schumer and Pelosi want no barriers. It’s an impossible situation that is becoming petulant. Pelosi wants to cancel the State of the Union address and Trump wants to cancel her flight to see the troops. I wish he would cancel the return flight. 

A wall will help but will not stop the criminals from entering. Chicago has very strict gun laws and heroin is illegal, but people are getting shot and shooting up; criminals always find a way.

So far, there have been no compromises. If Trump bends, he looks weak and a bid in 2020 is gone. If the Democrats don’t get their way, government will be shut down until 2020. Whichever side wins this battle, wins in 2020. Someone in D.C. needs to approach this with common sense. We need border security, which can be established in many ways, including a wall. So far, we have no starting place, just a country divided and unable to solve problems because of political jockeying and egos. 

Give the American public a plan to keep us safe and provide legal entry into this county. Open the government so we can stop self-inflicting damage. And don’t pay one politician a penny until the government is reopened. 

Thanks for reading the News-Express.

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