Cadet Bone Spurs is not working for the Russians. Donald Trump doesn’t work for anybody.

One of those statements is true.

Never actually having a job in your entire life may not be the best training for Oval Office occupants to the casual observer. But what does the casual observer know?

Ever read Topix?

If the great Cheeto says he’s not working for the Russians, he believes it. It’s obvious to any hamberder lover that the Russians are working for him. He’s just waiting for the right time to tear up their paycheck.

He’s practicing on U.S. government employees right now. What’s better than telling someone they’re fired? Telling them they’re working for free. If they refuse? Tell them they’re fired!

That’s a win-win in Trump world. And we’re all living in Trump world.

It’s a solid fact the Oval Office Fraud doesn’t work for anybody not named Donald John Trump. But make no mistake, he’ll do anything for that guy. Absolutely anything.

So just because he has refused to enforce sanctions on Russia for invading Ukraine or for meddling in our politics and announced a withdrawal from Syria where Russians hold sway.

And just because he called for American withdrawal from NATO which is in place to protect Europe from the Russian military machine. And endorsed Russian oil and resort deals with his name on them.

And met one on one with Russian president Vladimir Putin without advisers or staff while insisting all records be destroyed. And requested the Russians, on live TV, steal the correspondence of his rivals.

Just because his campaign manager provided electoral information to Russian operatives he was secretly working for and has now been indicted. And that members of his White House staff have been convicted for illegal Russian contact.

And while every American intelligence division agrees the Russians were way too involved in the 2016 election cycle, he only hears Putin’s confessions of innocence. And his campaign team, meeting in a building with his name on it, tried to get damaging information from the Russians.

And just because the FBI opened an investigation, with no known outcome, on whether Cadet Bone Spurs is a Russian operative. And the Special Counsel’s investigation of obstruction and Russian ties keeps closing in.

None of these are evidence Herr Trump works for the Russians. Who’d even suggest it? He’s insulted you’d entertain such a thought. You must be an enemy of the people.

The only thing that might make people think he works for the Russians are tax returns from the last 20 years. Being deep in debt to oligarchs when American banks won’t loan you a dime could be considered a red flag. 

It’s a good thing nothing’s out there, if they exist. Something like that would stand out like a red MAGA cap. 

It’d be as odd as a Libertarian socialist-hating doctor and United States senator retreating to Canada for a hernia operation he could have gotten outpatient at Pikeville Medical Center. The casual observer couldn’t make that stuff up.

Not even on Topix.

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