There are two types of Kentuckians in the news today: Those who are compensating and those who simply want compensation.

We’ll start with the latter. Teachers in our state’s educational system are making daily field trips to Frankfort to fight for the compensation they were promised. Unfortunately for them, Gov. Granite and a growing number of Republicans in Frankfort hate education.

The Granite Group wants to eradicate public education in this state and every other. Bevin never attended a public school. His benefactors, the Kochs, never attended a public school. And the woman in charge of public education in America, Nancy DeVos, never attended a public school and never taught a class.

She does own Amway, though, one of the great American pyramid schemes built on the back of the under-educated. Teaching people to think negatively effects her bottom line.

They’ve known the best way to kill public education is to choke off funds, instill testing regimes that “rate” the schools, and run off those poor delusionals who think teaching is a noble profession.

When the governor gets together for a clam bake with his pals, they come up with new ways to see how noble folks feel making less than living wages. If we can just get rid of those pensions, they opine, we can open more charter schools and make some real money.

We’re talking Trump University money. The bigly kind that spends fast, well before the shmucks know they’ve been had.

Compensation is high on the minds of many Kentuckians. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to get paid as promised for the work you do. And there’s nothing wrong with seeking compensation for the work that has left you crippled and barely able to breath.

But the party of Trump is not about compensating anyone who isn’t in the country club. Teachers and miners and construction workers need not apply. They’d rather compensate their benefactors with free tax money for another charter school where the teachers make minimum wage and no benefits.

This brings us to the compensating Kentuckians.

The compensating Kentuckians are many of those fighting so hard against compensation for teachers and others. How are they compensating and what are they compensating for you may ask?

This is where it gets a little tricky. This is a family paper after all. But human anatomy being what it is, a lot of guys feel the need to make a big show of some things to hide their shortcomings.

Some go with fancy sports cars, some go with great big monster trucks, and some like to wear gold chains. The Kentucky Republican says it with guns.

The legislature passed a law that anyone with a legal gun permit can carry it anywhere, hide it anywhere, and basically wave it around in public making all the men jealous and all the women swoon.

So when you see that clown in Wally World wearing pajamas and a hip holster, you know exactly where he’s coming from.

The party of Viagra against Planned Parenthood supports the little guy. That’s a bill Gov. Granite is especially equipped to sign.

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