Back in 1979, Bob Dylan crooned, “Well it may be the devil, or it may be the Lord, but you’re gonna have to serve somebody.” 

These days it seems most would agree and strive first for the latter, with serving sex and money coming in a close second and third. A widely accepted top three, I might add, for we all know there’s nothing devilish about a little sex and money as long as a Playboy model or a porn star isn’t involved and your savings account doesn’t amount to an ungodly sum. Rather than regrettably unattainable, pursuit of excess to that degree is commonly and conveniently considered just downright vulgar.

Thanks to the lapdog mainstream media and the liberal Democrats they serve, we’re now bombarded by talk of Donald Trump, his sex and his money. 

Give it a rest. 

I’m tired of hearing about it and I’m tired of having to write about it. It was his own money, his own hotel and his own conscience. In my opinion, even as president today, he doesn’t owe me or you an explanation for whom he may have slept with on his own time years ago, nor who he may have had to pay as a result. He does not owe me the truth on the matter.

I’ve never doubted that Donald paid off that porn star, and I’ve never cared. And the president won’t need those pesky Russians anymore, for having been made aware that he had a relationship with Karen McDougal, most red-blooded American men will now vote for the man twice in 2020 based upon that accomplishment alone. 

The country will be better for it. Thanks CNN.

Compared to Donald’s worth, the cash he paid out of his own pocket to silence women was the equivalent of a pinky swear, while the jury is still out as to where the funds came from to pay off Bill Clinton’s massive hush money tab. Sex costs money, and in the unlikely event that the Clintons coughed up the payoffs with their own, it would certainly explain why Hillary claimed they were dead broke when they left the White House. It would also be a relief to know that my tax dollars didn’t help buy cigars and get that dress cleaned.

It’s funny how sex and money is all fun and games until the conversation turns to how much of each a Democrat knocks down, then it’s suddenly no one’s business.

I’ll remind you that Trump’s situation differs from that of Bill Clinton in many ways, but particularly when it comes to Miss Lewinsky, for Bill was Storming her Daniels in the Oval Office while on the taxpayers’ clock. Then he tried to McDougal his way out of it by lying to me on TV while waving his finger in my face. I fingered him right back by the way.

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