A Pikeville beauty school is offering free hair and makeup appointments to students from two local schools in preparation for those schools’ dance events.

The Pikeville Beauty Academy, located at 5333 North Mayo Trail, is offering free hair and makeup appointments on two separate dates for all Valley Elementary School and Dorton Elementary School students. The appointments are for Valley’s Winter Ball and Dorton’s Spring Formal.

Katlyn Tackett, a Floyd County senior at the academy, said that the event helps the students feel beautiful and special about themselves.

“In the field of cosmetology, it’s about making others feel better about themselves while doing what we love,” Tackett said. “It’s rewarding making girls feel beautiful on special days like this.”

Free appointments can be scheduled on two separate dates for the two schools — Feb. 29 for Valley Elementary students and March 28 for Dorton Elementary students.

Debra Osborne, manager and instructor at the Pikeville Beauty Academy, said this is the second year that the school has offered free hair and makeup appointments for specific events, and it helps people from the community, who may not be able to afford it otherwise, get an opportunity to have their hair and makeup done.

“If you were to have that done professionally, it would be about $100 for most girls, for hair and makeup,” Osborne said, citing an average cost. “A lot of people just plain can’t afford that for one thing. Usually, we get a big response from it.”

Osborne said the free appointments are opportunities for her cosmetology students to gain more hours and experience while they build relationships with the community.

Osborne said she has received requests to provide more free hair and makeup appointment dates for other school dances. However, she said, the Kentucky State Board of Cosmetology only gives credit to cosmetology students for two events where they receive their hour requirements while in school, and that is the reason why they are only providing free appointments for the two school dance events.

“We would do it more than that if they would give us credit for it,” Osborne said. “I think it’s something nice for these girls to do, and it gives these younger girls, who come in, a look at this profession. It gives them a look at something they never thought about doing before, and it gives these girls some practice doing something different than they do every day.”

The Pikeville Beauty Academy accepts clients by appointment only. Those interested can call to book an appointment at, (606)637-1570. The academy is open from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday-Friday.

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