On Thursday, the Coal Run City Commission approved a motion to donate two surplus police cruisers to the Pike County Sheriff’s Department.

During the regular meeting of the Coal Run city commission, officials approved the transferring of two surplus police cruisers to the PCSD. The commission had originally though about donating the cruisers to the Coal Run City Fire Department. However, commissioner Joe “Big Joe” Adkins informed the commission he had reached out to the fire department, and after discussing it with them, he believed that the sheriff’s department would better benefit from the cruisers.

“I’d rather give them both to the sheriff’s office,” Adkins said. “They’ve had a budget shortfall and I think they could benefit more from them.”

According to Adkins, if the vehicles were trucks instead of being Crown Victoria cruisers, he feel better about giving the vehicles to the fire department. But at the end of the day, Adkins said “a Crown Vic isn’t going to haul much stuff as far as fire equipment.”

According to Coal Run Mayor Andrew Scott, the city would have to get rid of the cruisers regardless so what better way than helping out the county.

“If we can help out the county and our Sheriff Rodney Scott by transferring these, then I’m 100 percent for it,” Scott said. “If the county does better, then we do better.”

Scott said he is very appreciative of the Coal Run City Commission for the transferring of the vehicles.

“Mayor Andrew Scott and the great commissioners they have over there do a fantastic job,” Scott said. “I’m always happy to be able to interact and work with all of them.

“The cruisers will be a great asset for the sheriff’s office going forward as we continue to battle the problems facing Pike County,” he added.

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