The Pike County Fiscal Court has two years to correct “inadequate and incorrect” road records, which officials said will be a monumental task.

During a recent meeting of the PCFC the court acknowledged that the county’s road records are in need of correction. Pike County Judge-Executive Ray Jones said when the current administration came in it discovered that nearly all the county’s road records were “inadequate and incorrect.”

According to Jones, the records maintained by the state and Big Sandy Area Development District are also not consistent with county records, and the district has given the county two years to correct the records.

Pike County Road Supervisor Fabian Little said going back and correcting the records will be a “monumental task” as each road will have to be reviewed in order to correct the distances.

According to Little, more than 80 county roads have been examined and “not one has been in compliance.”

“”There’s something wrong with every road we’ve hit so far,” Little said.

Jones said he doesn’t believe everybody understands how big of a problem this is, something with which Little agreed with.

“A lot of funding is based off records,” Little said. “So if we’re inadequate, we could be losing money.”

Jones asked Little what he proposes could be done to help ensure the county can correct the records within the given timeframe, to which Little suggested appointing a foreman under him. According to Little, the foreman would help him with larger projects, which would allow crews more time to handle their preventative maintenance.

Little added that in the foreman’s downtime, he would be able to help review the records.

Jones said he hopes some serious progress can be made regarding correcting the records in the upcoming winter months.

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