An Elkhorn City man was indicted by a Pike grand jury this week on charges that he stabbed his father multiple times with a pocket knife earlier this month.

Pike Commonwealth’s Attorney Rick Bartley said Jonathan C. Belcher, 31, of Price Avenue, Elkhorn City, had been staying at his father’s home the few days before he returned to the home stabbed his father on Sept. 2.

“He had been staying at his father’s home, but left and then returned and asked for some of his ‘stuff.’ The father told him he didn’t have it. He then asked his father to give him his knife, which his father did have,” Bartley said. “When his father gave him the knife, Belcher stabbed him with it seven times.”

He was indicted this week on a charge of second-degree assault.

Bartley said Belcher stabbed his father three times in the back, three times in the arm and once in the thigh, but none of the wounds hit vital organs or vessels and the man was treated and released.

“Fortunately, the father’s wounds were not very serious, because it was a short-bladed pocket knife,” Bartley said.

After the stabbing, Belcher took a van from the home which belonged to his brother.

“He later was arrested after banging on some doors on Adams Branch,” Bartley said. “But the vehicle was never located. He told the officers that he had left it on a strip job somewhere and he wasn’t very sure where the van was. The police looked for it that night, but they were unable to locate it.”

The “stuff,” which Belcher had returned to the home to retrieve, was believed to have been an amount of methamphetamine, Bartley said. According to Bartley, the father said Belcher “had been injecting meth and ... was out of control.”

Bartley said Belcher’s case highlights two stark reminders for crime in our area: First, people in our area are more likely to be victimized by a family member than any stranger, and second, the continued rise and danger of methamphetamine, Bartley said.

“This is what people that are doing meth end up doing. They hurt people, they hurt themselves, and usually, it is somebody that is close to them or a family member, sometimes a police officer when they are arresting them,” Bartley said. “My advice to people, and I have repeatedly said it, is, get off meth. If you have a family member, encourage them in any way possible to get off meth.”

Belcher has remained in the custody of the Pike County Detention Center since his arrest Sunday.

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