During Monday’s meeting of the Pike County Senior Citizens Board, officials received a presentation from a representative with the American Red Cross, as the non-profit organization has recently targeted Pike County for its “Sound the Alarm” campaign.

“What we do is purchase certain smoke alarms that have 10-year lithium ion batteries,” said Rachael Greer, with the American Red Cross. “You don’t have to replace them once they’re dead, we’ll come in and replace them with a new alarm.”

According to Greer, the organization is looking for individuals “elderly or young” who would qualify in at a certain poverty level as the organization will be looking to install approximately 500 smoke alarms in more than 200 homes across the county.

“What I propose to you guys, is to have a sign-up sheet at each of your centers and if anybody wants to sign-up it’s completely free services,” Greer said. “We’re going to be installing services on May 1.”

Greer said that once interested residents sign-up and fill out all necessary information Red Cross will have an install team report out.

According to her, the organization also has deaf and hard of hearing alarms, which she said are basically shaker alarms for those who have hearing aides.

“You guys know who they are, you know who needs a helping hand and who doesn’t,” Greer said. “And even if they don’t, it’s OK, we’ll try to get them some alarms.”

The board agreed to host the sign-up sheets at each of the county’s senior citizen centers and there will be a two-week window to sign-up for the “Sound the Alarm” campaign. Any county resident interested in more information is encouraged to visit their local senior citizen center for more details.

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