The City of Pikeville has taken another step toward helping populate the Kentucky Enterprise Industrial Park.

During the Feb. 10 meeting of the Pikeville City Commission, the commission unanimously voted to accept bids totaling nearly $4.8 million for a new 60,000-square-foot speculative building to be constructed at the industrial park.

The building is being constructed along the same lines as a previous project at the KEIP which became home to the park’s first business — Silverliner — according to Pikeville City Manager Philip Elswick.

“The only thing that’s really different about this one is we’re using a construction manager to build it,” Elswick said, adding Codell Construction is at the helm of the project.

As construction manager, Elswisk said, Codell decided to bid each different aspect of the project separately.

Those companies being awarded bids by the action of the Pikeville City Commission on Feb. 10 were:

• Sitework — Bizzack Construction, LLC — $830,000;

• General Trades — Rising Sun Developing, Inc. — $2,397,000;

• Steel — Rising Sun Developing, Inc. — $834,000;

• Roof — Dixie Roofing, Inc. — $260,410;

• Windows — River Cities Glass and Construction — $138,652;

• Mechanical — Elliott Contracting, Inc. — $234,000; and

• Electrical — Steve Thacker Construction — $83,500.

Elswick said having the speculative building will be beneficial to the city in its efforts to fill the industrial park and to create new jobs.

“It’s very much an incentive that a company will be interested in,” Elswick said. “It reduces the amount of construction time that they will have, so they can be in production quicker, and it also reduces their capital costs.”

Elswick said it will assist the city in marketing the park to potential employers.

The project, Elswick said, is being completely funded using funds from the Abandoned Mine Lands program, but funding is still awaiting final approval and release from the U.S. Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement.

Once that funding is place, Elswick said, the various companies can begin working to construct the facility, which is expected to take approximately 12-16 months to prepare for a tenant. The tenant will then finish the facility in connection with its needs.

Elswick said the efforts of the city’s Economic Development Office, under the leadership of Executive Economic Development Director Jill Dotson, to populate the KEIP with employers is an ongoing project.

“Pikeville has a great story to tell,” he said. “Not just from that industrial park, but from the quality of life ... There’s a lot of things that make it easy to sell Pikeville.”

However, Elswick said that will not occur overnight.

“We always knew it would be a slow process,” he said. “We were very successful with Silverliner, and we’re following exactly the same model that we followed with Silverliner. We have a spec building, we hope to identify a tenant and we hope to finish that building so that they’re ready to go forward as soon as it’s complete.”

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