Throughout the course of several months a number of residents and businesses have experienced issues with Suddenlink’s service throughout the area, so much so that the Pikeville City Commission and City Manager Phillip Elswick have recently reached out to the company. Elswick said the city is working to looking at all possible remedies.

“The city is aware of the issue and I have been in contact with Suddenlink regarding the outages and other issues,” Elswick said. “We are looking at all available remedies to address the situation and enforce provision of our franchise agreement.”

Elswick said he recently sent out an email to company officials, in which he informed Suddenlink of the persistent issues, while also discussing the problems with the company’s transparency in dealing with its customers in the area.

Elswick said in the email, that a couple of weeks ago, one resident in the area was told in a phone call that it would be 48 hours before service was restored, but the company’s website indicated there was no outage in the area. However, the service was actually restored in the 8 to 12 hours.

This weekend, Elswick said, his neighborhood experienced a “lengthy delay” and that he didn’t even bother checking online, as Suddenlink’s website is typically “useless.”

Elswick also said in the email that the broadband speed needs attention, as one resident informed him that he is paying for 30 Mbps download speed when, in reality, he is receiving around 1.5 Mbps. Elswick added that, apparently, that problem is routine and the company has not been helpful in resolving the issue.

“What is the cause of these losses of service and failure to provide services for which our residents are paying?” Elswick asked in the email. “Also, what is your company doing to prevent the service losses in the future?”

As mentioned previously, Suddenlink service issues have been a topic that has plagued the area for some time now, with the Pike County Fiscal Court and Pike County-Judge Executive Ray Jones even going as far as saying the company is “raising some consumer protection issues,” during a November meeting.

Representatives from Suddenlink failed to comment prior to presstime, despite being given a number of opportunities to do so.

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