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Chris Dent

Chris Dent, an accomplished civil engineer in the public and private sectors, has joined the science and engineering consulting firm SynTerra Corp. Dent is a registered Professional Engineer in Kentucky with vast local experience in project management and grant administration.

Dent has led projects related to land development, green infrastructure, transportation, stormwater and sanitary sewers, according to a statement from the company.

Dent served seven years as an engineer and project manager for Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government (LFUCG). In addition to developing technical solutions, he oversaw capital projects, administered grants, and assisted with construction administration. While with LFUCG, Dent worked closely with multiple experts across disciplines. He coordinated with other government agencies, council members, utilities, public organizations, consultants, and construction contractors.

“We are overjoyed to have someone of Chris Dent’s expertise and versatility come aboard,” said Steve Gardner, SynTerra vice president of special projects. “Chris is equally skilled and comfortable with the technical, capital, and communicative sides of a project. His expertise enables us to expand our services locally, statewide, and beyond.”

Before LFUCG, Dent worked almost 10 years as an engineer and project manager for Strand Associates, a multidisciplinary engineering firm with 11 offices throughout the country. His work for Strand included drainage analysis, green design, environmental permitting and compliance, construction plans, and more.

SynTerra, an employee‐owned science and engineering consulting firm, works with clients on governmental, economic development, mining, industrial, and commercial projects. In addition to Pikeville, SynTerra also has offices in Lexington, Greenville, South Carolina, Charlotte, North Carolina, and Birmingham and Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

ECSI and SynTerra Corporation combined operations as one company (SynTerra) a year ago. Learn more at, synterracorp.com.

Contact Chris Dent at, (606) 432-2443, or, cdent@synterracorp.com.

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