Jerry Maynard

Jerry Maynard

A Pikeville man was arrested Friday evening, marking the third person charged in a felony child abuse case under investigation by the Pikeville Police Department.

Court records show Jerry Maynard, 33, of Powells Creek, was arrested by Pikeville Police Officer Josh Lawson on charges of first-degree wanton endangerment and first-degree criminal abuse and lodged in the Pike County Detention Center. Last week, two women, Kylene M. Anderson, 25, and Betty L. Maynard, 26, both of Town Mountain Road, were each arrested on a charge of first-degree criminal abuse.

The charges were linked, court documents said, to officers’ finding that a 2-year-old girl — Anderson’s daughter, who lived in a residence with Anderson and Betty Maynard and Jerry Maynard — had been “severely physically abused.”

Pikeville Police Officer Tommy Fouts wrote in court documents that the child had bruises on her face “which were very dark,” along with bruises on her arms, legs and buttocks. Fouts wrote that the child also appeared to be very hungry when taken into protective custody.

“... (The child) ate so much so fast that she threw up,” Fouts wrote.

Fouts wrote that Anderson said all three adults in the residence “spank the child every day” including hitting the child on the buttocks with a wooden paddle and slapping the child in the face with their hands.

According to the warrant against Jerry Maynard, on Nov. 10, in addition to using a wooden paddle on the child and slapping the child in the face, he struck Anderson in the face while she was holding the child, placing the child in imminent danger of serious physical injury.

All three remained lodged in the jail as of presstime Monday.

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