Hardy pool set to re-open

Kevin Tilley, left, and Pike County Public Works Supervisor Paul Williamson, right, discuss the condition of the Hardy pool, which is set to re-open after Tilley reached an agreement with the Pike County Fiscal Court to lease the pool facility.

The Pike County Fiscal Court recently entered into a lease agreement that will see the Hardy pool facility re-opened, after its nearly three-year closure

During a recent special meeting, the court approved entering into a lease agreement with Kevin Tilley, one that would see the Hardy pool facility re-open this summer after being closed in 2016. The return of the pool was something Pike County Judge-Executive Ray Jones said the court had looked into but was unable to pull off. Now, because of the lease agreement,  Jones said, the children there will get to have a “recreational opportunity.”

“We have looked at this issue, and feel like contracting out the operation of the pool would be beneficial to the community,” Jones said. “It would be a recreational opportunity for the children there.”

Tilley was approached about re-opening the pool and admitted that he had to take some time to think on the matter, but after some time, the decision was easy, he said.

“Honestly, kids in this area have nothing to do anymore,” Tilley said. “Family and friends need something in this area to enjoy and the more I thought about the situation, the more I wanted to help.”

According to Jones, Pike County Public Works Supervisor Paul Williamson has inspected the Hardy pool facility to make sure it is in sound mechanical condition; something Williamson assured, as he informed the court that the only county pool that had any problems was the Phelps facility, which the court alluded could make a possible return as well.

“We also looked at the possibility of re-opening Phelps and some people have asked,” Jones said. “But to my understanding it’s not mechanically able to open.”

However, Williamson told Jones and the other members of the court that is not the case.

“The Phelps pool, when we shut it down we fixed a major leak outside the pool,” Williamson said. “It can be operated, but it does have a little water loss problem.

“Nothing major, we fixed the major leak after the season had ended.” he added.

The problem with the Phelps pool, according to Williamson, was the significant water loss the pool was incurring due to an eight-inch pipe which had burst.

When asked if Tilley would be interested in also taking on the Phelps pool, he said that he was currently only interested in re-opening Hardy. However, there is still hope for a possible return of the Phelps pool, officials said, as long as the court can find an interested party to lease the facility.

Tilley’s lease agreement with the county will require him to comply to all the provisions of the Kentucky Administrative Regulations dealing with swimming and bathing facilities, while also requiring him to hire lifeguards, a task Tilley has already begun as he said he has already hired three.

According to the lease agreement, the court is not responsible for any injuries that may occur at the pool facility, or any expenses for operations of the pool. Tilley is also required to have insurance coverage for the facility. The agreement, according to Tilley, will run until Dec. 31.

Tilley said he hasn’t put much thought into what he plans to charge for admission into the pool, but he will be able to set the price, according to Pike County Assistant County Attorney, Kevin Keene, who drew up the agreement.

Tilley said if everything works out, the Hardy pool should open the week of June 10.

For any additional information regarding the Hardy pool, call, (606) 625-0197, or email, Kevinhtilley@yahoo.com.

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