Pikeville Mayor Jimmy Carter said Monday that the City of Pikeville continues to operate under new policies and procedures as it readies for response to the novel coronavirus COVID-19.

During a press conference Monday at Pikeville City Hall, Carter reiterated that the community has not seen a positive case of the virus yet.

“Our community is not immune,” Carter said. “We know it is likely coming and we’re going to prepare ourselves for that each day.”

Carter said all in the community have felt the economic and social impact of the preparation for the virus, but there is hope.

“Together, we will get through this,” he said.

Carter also called on the community to support local businesses while the social distancing shutdowns go on.

“They are the backbone of our local economy and we need to support them,” he said.

In addition to calling for the community to support these businesses, Carter said the city’s Economic Development and Main Street offices will be assisting businesses closed by Sunday’s order by Gov. Andy Beshear to close “non-essential” retail establishments to move operations online and through other means.

During the press conference, Greg May, with Utilities Management Group, said the city’s public works have been responding to the ongoing emergency, including preparing for any possibility of having trouble getting chemicals for water treatment by obtaining a 30-day supply instead of the two-week supply it normally uses.

Also, he said, plans are in place to ensure that the city’s public works department continues to work and has plans to deal with any eventualities which may arise due to coronavirus.

“Continuance of service will be normal unless the situation changes,” he said.

He did ask, however, that the public not flush sanitary wipes, if used instead of toilet paper because the wipes can cause problems for both residents’ sewer systems and the city’s infrastructure.

Pikeville Commissioner of Public Safety Phillip Reed said the city police and fire departments continue to work under changed policies and procedures in order to deal with normal calls while waiting to respond to issues which may arise due to COVID-19.

“I want to assure the community that we are still fully staffed, we are responding to calls for service and working hard to ensure the safety of our community.

Pikeville City Manager Philip Elswick reminded residents that they can continue to pay utility bills by calling, (606) 437-5109, and property taxes, by calling, (606) 437-5102, as well as receive other city services, by calling city offices, which are directing calls to personnel who are working off-site. Services and other information may also be obtained on the city’s website at, pikevilleky.gov.

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