Bluegrass Care Navigators Nursing Resource Office Sue Snider has been awarded the 2019 MediStar Nurse of the Year Award.

The award, presented by medical news publisher IGE Media, is granted to a nurse who has gone above and beyond their normal responsibilities to improve best practices and contribute to patient education.

A distinguished career nurse, Snider began her early career as a Sister of St. Francis of Assisi Third Order in Rochester, Minnesota. During that time, she became a social worker at a community center in Harlan County and fell in love with the Appalachia region. After a brief stint in Texas, Snider returned to Eastern Kentucky as a home health nurse for several years before finding her passion in hospice care. In 1993, Snider joined what is now Bluegrass Care Navigators — formerly Mountain Community Hospice — as an admissions nurse in Hazard.

“I strongly believe people deserve to have the same comfort during their final days as they had in the beginning of their life,” said Snider. “My role as a leader in hospice care is to teach our staff how to provide expert and compassionate care to patients of all ages and stages of end of life.”

Since 2003, Snider has served as the organization’s nursing resource officer for five regional offices serving 32 counties throughout eastern, central and northern Kentucky. In this role, Snider has impacted nursing operations with consistent education, mentoring and process improvement.

“Sue is a committed leader, educator and innovator within our agency and at the state level, and is passionately committed to excellent patient care,” said Bluegrass Care Navigators CEO Liz Fowler. “Her nursing leadership is inspiring and supports the high-quality care we provide to more than 1,000 patients and families every day.”

In addition to her work at Bluegrass Care Navigators, Snider is a volunteer faculty member at the University of Kentucky College of Nursing, where she gives end-of-life education to students in nursing, occupational health and pharmacy programs.

After 35 years of nursing, 17 of which have been in hospice care, Snider will retire in December.

Headquartered in Lexington, Bluegrass Care Navigators provides hospice care in 32 counties across Kentucky.  

For more information about Bluegrass Care Navigators and our services, call, 855-492-0812, or visit,

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